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While signing the Abraham Accords was certainly a progressive step for Bahrain, visitors should be aware that the country is still profoundly oppressive. Police often act with impunity and the judiciary lacks meaningful independence.

Tourists, investors, and expats – particularly Jews and Israelis – should be cognizant of the serious risks they may face whilst staying in Bahrain, and also while traveling there.

Unfortunately, expert on the area and CEO of Interpol and Extradition Specialists Detained in Dubai for the last 15 years or more, Radha Stirling says “ Interpol has become a pay to play organisation, open to manipulation and abuse by countries with poor human rights records.  Countries like the UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Egypt and China have been able to use the crime tool for their own personal vendettas. 

"Countries like the Emirates have used Interpol’s reach to extend their jurisdiction beyond their borders, causing the arrest, detention and prosecution abroad of many innocent victims.  Innocent individuals have been listed on Interpol, arrested, detained and tried for “crimes” that don’t even meet Interpol’s minimum reporting criteria.  Journalists, activists, businessmen and credit card debtors have been locked up in Western nations at the mere request of countries who repeatedly take advantage of their membership with Interpol.

If you can’t imagine the impact Interpol has on real lives, think Hakeem Al Araibi, Bahareh Zare Bahari, Robert Urwin and Alan Stevenson.  Imagine being arrested and prosecuted in Greece, Ukraine, Thailand, Philippines on the basis of a frivolous Interpol request from an abusive country.  Imagine being swarmed by a police squad at a restaurant in Rome, humiliated, jailed and forced to undergo extradition proceedings.  This is what we are dealing with.  Countries like Bahrain, Saudi, Qatar and the UAE are enabled to abuse individuals in the West, without consequence, without penalty and even worse, at our own expense. 

This has to stop. "

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