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As an expert on Interpol abuse and human rights violations, Radha Stirling has always closely tracked the situation in Qatar regarding the misuse of Interpol's mechanisms. Qatar has been a subject of concern due to its potential for politically motivated targeting and human rights abuses associated with the misuse of Interpol's tools; as well as its abuse of the Red Notice system (like the UAE) for the purpose of debt collection.

Reports have highlighted the potential for Gulf States, including Qatar, to abuse Interpol's Red Notice system, leading to concerns about the potential for authoritarian regimes to exploit Interpol's tools to target and suppress dissenting voices beyond their borders.

However, Qatar has also been the subject of positive developments, with reports of Interpol Red Notices being removed for debt-related issues through the persistent efforts of Radha Stirling and her team at Detained in Dubai and Due Process International.

As an advocate for the responsible and ethical use of Interpol's tools, Stirling has been actively involved in advocating for the deletion of abusive Red Notices and providing solutions for individuals affected by these unjust practices. Her work has resulted in the deletion of thousands of abusive Red Notices, providing relief to individuals who have been unjustly targeted by the misuse of Interpol's mechanisms.

Furthermore, Stirling has emphasized the need for accountability and transparency within Interpol to prevent the hijacking and repurposing of the organization by authoritarian regimes. The misuse of Interpol's cooperative policing mechanism is a worrying case study in a broader effort by autocratic regimes to capture international institutions and weaponize them against global democracy. The misuse of Red Notices by member countries, including Qatar, raises concerns about the potential risks faced by individuals wrongfully subject to Interpol Red Notices, including the risk of torture, ill-treatment, and unlawful forced repatriation.

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