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British father, 36, held in UAE while on holiday after £420,000 debt was racked up in his name

".... CEO [of Detained in Dubai] and lawyer Radha Stirling said: “Atif went to the UAE trusting in a job opportunity. He trusted that the UAE has checks in place to safeguard against unscrupulous fraudsters. On all points, the Emirates let him down. How can anyone have confidence in the UAE as a destination for expat professionals, when a job application can turn into identity theft, and the victim himself is prosecuted?”

Ms Stirling is calling on the FCO to coordinate with counterparts in the UAE to get the charges against Atif dismissed, and is urging Dubai authorities to expedite his return home.

“There are transactions in the UAE when he was on honeymoon in Bali, and since he has been home in Aylesbury,” she said. “The police and the prosecutors know perfectly well that Atif has been victimised, yet they continue to compound his victimisation by not allowing him to go home.”

Full article available at iNews


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